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Connecticut Covers


New Haven

11A, New Haven, 1855 date, View  

#26, New Haven Mourning, View

#73, fancy Star of David x 3, View

#94 (strong grill), New Haven, H/S ad, View

#65, Forwarded @ New Haven, View

#65, Forwarded @ New Haven, no charge, View

Hartford and Nearby

East Hartford, 1806, 1st year of PO
, View

Hartford, 1813, Gem Strike, 3pp soldier's letter, View p1p2p3

Hartford "War Rate", View

To Hartford, "STEAMBOAT" botched H/S, View

Hartford, "STEAMBOAT" Gem, View

Hartford perfume ad, #114, View


Waterbury, J-11 rosette, View

Franklin, two different st lines, View

Patent Env, Illus clothing ad, Danielson, CT, View


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